Barrier Test

Testing the Next Generation of Ultra Barriers



Next generation solar and display technologies need extremely low water and oxygen permeation for long life.  Until now, there have been no methods capable of precise barrier measurements at these "Ultra-Barrier" permeation levels.

Experts agree that water vapor permeation should not exceed 1x10(-5) or 1x10(-6) g/m2-day in order to enable the introduction of new devices with suitable use life.

Traditional barrier tests, developed mostly for food packaging, require water permeation rates of 1x10(-2). These methods offer little in the way of product development and production risk reduction.



Saint-Gobain corporate research has created a permeation test method barrier capable of measuring the performance of Ultra Barriers.  Capability has been demonstrated to 10(-5) and ultimately capable of 10(-6) g/m2-day.

This patent pending method is now fully operational.  In an unusual move, Saint-Gobain will be offering confidential barrier testing services to others interested in the performance of “Ultra” barriers.

  • Test results validated to WVTR of 10(-5)

  • Excellent precision, surpasses other "academic" methods in development

  • Fast and accurate

  • Test results assured confidential


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