Barrier Test

Ultra Barrier Testing Confidentiality


Saint-Gobain is very sensitive to the proprietary nature associated with your barrier development programs.  We know how technically difficult this problem is, the extent of resources necessary to produce an “Ultra-Barrier” and the potential value of a successful product.  As such, your information will be held in the highest confidence.


For customers concerned about confidentiality, we have prepared a process and an NDA that reflects our commitment to protecting your work and results.


Specifically, Saint-Gobain will hold in confidence, on a strict need-to-know basis --


  • Your company name and the existence of any relationship or inquiry related to ultra barriers and potential testing
  • Non-analysis of samples which will be returned or destroyed (at your request)
  • Data, results and reports will be secured on a separate server with limited access


This information will be closely held by a small team, and a code-name for you will be assigned.  Only your sales contact, the technicians required to arrange your testing and our Credit and Accounts Receivable (AR) professionals will be aware of our work for you.  Credit and AR are Central Services and not associated with or co-located with any specific business group.  With the exception of credit and AR, your assigned code will be used for entry in all other business systems.


Our Non-Disclosure Agreement is available through your sales contact.   We care about your investment and have closely developed processes to protect it.